#28: Hello there spring!

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
Oh men I really must update more often, I just forget it everytime.
Monday was a good day, I did my inning track together with Pipo and she’s still vey ethusiastic! It’s lovely to see how much she likes it. I also worked with Q on the double lines and that went really good too, I managed to get him quite active and he did his very best.
Tuesday, spring finally seemed to come in. It’s incredibly sunny, however it IS very cold. I had in mind to ride Q, but when I arrived I saw that they were placing a huge sea container in the meadow. The old shelter is going to be destroyed today, and so all the stuff had to be replaced, which took me the whole afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m vey glad there’s finally a new shelter coming, but I reaaaally wanted to ride Q, now I only had time left to muck his stall.
I also ordered a new phone, it’s gonna be a White iPhone 4 and I’m SO happy, whoooo! It’s arriving Friday and oh dear I can’t wait!
Wednesday is pretty good so far, it’s sunny again! Unfortunately I can’t go to the horses to see how they’ll destroy the shelter (and to check if the horses are in a safe place) but tomorrow I can go, so that’s good. I’m also going on a ride with a good friend, it’s been a long time since I’ve ridden in the forest and especially with someone else, since everybody seems to hate me, I can’t wait! :)

#27: the weekend

Monday March 25, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
The weekend (including Friday) was a bit weird.
Thursday evening I watched the Doctor Who series 2 finale and it was SAD. Hmmpffff I’m not gonna spend more words on it. So I still was pretty sad about that friday, also I was really tired, becoming sick and cold. In the late-afternoon I had a short ride with Q but it didn’t go as well as it did in the begin of the week, but okay it was very cold and we pth can’t work that fine when it’s cold. Then I went to the barn and I had to ride on Amy again, whoohoo! I’m really getting to fancy her and we can work together better everytime!
Saturday was super super cool and apart from my run I didn’t went outside. In the evening we went to my granddad’s for his birthday, and we had dinner at the Chinese restaurant; it was delicious!
Sunday was still cold, and a lot of Doctor Who. Saturday I watched the christmas special but I didn’t like it, I just don’t like the character of Donna. Luckily there’s a new companion and she’s lovely! So it’s all lovely and fun again, though I still miss Rose! In the late-evening I went to the horses for a short walk with Q and to muck Pipo’s stall. Also the son of the owner came by and I’m getting a new shelter soon, because the old one is almost breaking down, and it’s just not save anymore.
When I wanted to go home my bike fell down because of the strong wind and with that the chain broke, so I called my dad and he almost wanted to let me walk home. In his eyes my chain breaks so often because I don’t clean my bike enough. Seriously that thing isn’t even dirty, and I bet that when I clean the outside of my bike the INSIDE will still break down. Hmpfff sometimes my dad can be so annoying, stupid and childish, like seriously .__.

#26: Wrong Wednesdays and Tiring Thursdays

Thursday March 21, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
Wednesday was - as always - a stupid day. I had to go to Atria, the psychologist thingy, for an intelligence test. Its duration was 2 hours and before and after I had school, with the most boring classes ever.
When I came home I really craved a run, and that went pretty well. I ran 2x 4 and 1x 5 minutes for the first time! Also my shins were feeling lots better, until I ran a bit too enthusiastic downhill so that hurt pretty bad. The evening I spent with Doctor Who, though I had a lot of Spanish work, I felt super sad so I wasn’t in the mood.
Today is a weird day. It started really really sunny, but unfortunately it’s very cloudy at the moment. I’m also tired as face and I don’t know why. Maybe my lack of sleep is turning me down a bit, because I haven’t slept before midnight in weeks. I wanted to go to the horses this afternoon but I don’t quite feel like going, thursdays’s school is killing me, it’s so long!
However, chemistry class was interesting. H, who used to be my best friend, and I are coming a bit together again. We’re talking to each other again and we had FUN. She even said that we must go on a ride soon. YISSSS :
Oh, how I missed a bit of affection! I can’t wait to go on a ride with her, Q and Pipo!

#25: An eye-opener

Tuesday March 19, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
A Monday and a Tuesday, two very eye-opening days. 
Monday I wanted to work with Q, but he kept running away. I was quite angry at him so when I finally got him, I wanted to lunge him, and he had to RUN. If he wanted to run away from me in the meadow he just had to run. And THAT was the eye-opening part.
Normally I just let him walk a bit on the line because I know he finds it boring, but yesterday I didn’t care. He had to trot active, very active. At first he was quite tensed, but after a while he relaxed a bit and he trotted super good! Then I thought: If he can walk like that on the line, he must be able to do that under the saddle. So today I got Q (he stood perfectly still!) and my goal was activity. I worked with him in walk, and he was very active and sharp on my cues. When the walk was okay, I started trotting. Again: active from the beginning! No slow trot or dragging his feet. And he was so fine! He got a super trot, especially on the right track, he even became a bit on the bit! Also his canter was very powerful. Ohhh I’m so happy right now! He did so super super super good and I haven’t felt so satisfied for a long time, I can’t wait to ride him again! :D

#24: Lovely Amy

Friday March 15, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
Today was a good day! A long day of school with lots of useless classes, and I also had my debate. I’m glad it’s done, but I still hate to give a presentation in front of all the students. Blugh ):
But well, that was the morning and afternoon. During my last class my instructor sent me a text that M, a girl who’s pretty angry at me, was riding in my lesson. I also hadn’t seen her in months, so I wondered how it would go. We literally didn’t say a word against each other but well, if she doesn’t wanna talk to me that’s okay. It might be a bit harsh to say that I don’t care, but I really don’t care.
But well, my instructor set me on Amy. Last time I rode on Amy was a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t go that well, to say so. I couldn’t keep her on a good pace and I also couldn’t steer. I liked her though, she’s a challenge and I thought I can learn from her a lot.
So, tonight I had to ride on Amy again, and while brushing she was quite active and spooky, she really couldn’t stay still so I was a bit hopeless. But she was great! I had a really good pace and I could steer her a lot better. Now I think I really like Amy, I find her still pretty difficult but I can still learn a LOT from her and well, she’s a sweet horse. A bit weird, but sweet :)

#23: Ready to run!

Wednesday March 13, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiaur,
Today was good! I had a long day of school but I got a cancelled class to I went with my mom to the city to shop a bit. As I told you earlier and I needed new running shoes and I’ve found them! It are pretty black shoes fom Nike and they’re running so much better! I also got a new pair of pants for the running because I didn’t have nice pants. We also grabbed some coffee which was lovely!
Unfortunately my shins still hurt pretty bad while and after running, so I guess I must run a little less this week and then hope the pain will fade, stupid stupid injury ):


Tuesday March 12, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
Today was a simple day. Short day of school, chilled a bit at home and then went to the horses to muck the stables and feed them, unfortunately it’s way too cold to do something else ):
However, I made some nice macro photos of Q, and they are pretty good! They are sharp andgood focussed, I’m getting better at photography every time!
Also Pipo was in a lovely mood. I took her for a short brush and she just kept on licking my face, which sounds a bit nasty though I think it’s sweet when she does it, and since I was wearing a cap I didn’t mind. Again I was amazed how much we look alike. She’s a bit quiet, but lod-speaking when something goes different than she wants. She is a hard worker who barely complains. She likes to be alone, but she likes the affection I give her. If she would be human she could be my twin!

#21: Long time no seen!

Monday March 11, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
I’ve been away a long time, I’m sorry! *hugs blog*
I’ve had a pretty good week last week, it seemed that spring FINALLY started with temperatures above 10 C and a lovely sun, it was great and I was so damn happy it was almost getting scary. Q was also very happy, he’s doing great at the moment with a good energy and happiness level which makes me sooo happy! After all those worries he’s getting better and better every day and I’m just so happy about it!
Unfortunately the weather turned over completely and right now it’s snowing and it’s -1 C. Pretty cold to say so.
Today I had my retake for science/chemistry and it was 50/50. I made every question but I just don’t have a good feeling about it, it was a weird test and the questions were so different from the test I made earlier and scored 4.8/10 on. 

As you all might know I started running/jogging recently, and against all my expectations it’s going GREAT. I feel a lot better, for some strange reason it gives my self-esteem a boost and it sets my mind of for the 30/45 minutes I’m running. Also it is so rewarding, I feel so good about myself when I’m done. I never thought that something so simple could change my life so damn good.

But know I got a problem. And that’s my shoes. Currently I run on shoes I bought for the gymnastics classes when I was around 12 or something. Good thing I never used them so they’re still ‘new’ while they’re actually 5 years old. But well, simple and cheap shoes are not good for ‘serious’ running.

So now I’m a bit afraid I helped myself to an injury, uh-oh.. Especially my left leg hurts pretty bad, while I ran 45 minutes ago. It’s especially the front of my leg, at my shin. It’s so bad, I feel so good about this all and I’m a bit afraid I have to stop soon because of an injury ): I asked my mom if I have to pay for new shoes myself and she said maybe, or 50/50, depends on how much they costs. And I know running shoes are bloody expensive. Oh dear..

#20: too good to be true

Sunday March 3, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
ANOTHER super day, me so happy!
Today was quite a lazy day, except for the afternoon. I went to the horses and I wanted to do a bit of jumping, which I also did. I didn’t want to jump that high today, but just practice to jump out canter. I also made a jump with a pack of flax, and against my expectations he jumped that one without a problem! It all went really good, the quality of the jumps was a lot better and it was fun again!
The afternoon was spent with school, I have to write an essay this week, blurgh.. My subject is organ transplantations/donations, which is quite an interesting subject and I did another essay about it last year which makes it easier but I hate the preparations. Searching for articles, GOOD articles, read 15 A4 papers and then mark all the usefull things. It just takes so many time!
However, today was a GREAT day and I’m already looking forward for Sunday in two weeks because then I’m gonna jump with Q again :)

#19: A bit late though

Saturday March 2, 2013

Annwyl Dyddiadur,
Today was a very very good day!
In the morning I did my running session, and I’m surprised how easy it is! Especially in the fresh morning, before breakfast, is a lovely time to do a bit of running and it feels really satisfying.
The afternoon was spent with Dr Who. I wanted to watch it for a loooong time but now I’ve finally downloaded the first series and whew, it’s pretty weird but I love it! I watched 5 episodes in one day, whoops!
In the late afternoon I went to the ponies, did some fine ground work with Pipo and then mucked out the meadow and dumped all the droppings in the other meadow as manure. There is barely grass there and I hope there’ll grow some now so the horses can go to that meadow so the other one can rest and grow a bit. 
Q was in a very happy mood I guess, he entertained himself for 15 minutes with a closed sack of food, and all he wanted was hugs and cuddles and awh, he just looked so happy! «3
The evening was.. more Dr Who haha, and just resting my legs, I’ve been walking a lot and I was really tired!
Tomorrow I hope I can do a jumping training with Q, I plan to work on counting steps and stuff, just some ‘technique training.’ I hope the weather will be good!